About Me


Empower Yourself For Better Health

My name is Dr. Berry Pierre, but I go by “Dr. Berry”. I am a board certified Internal Medicine Physician.  I started out blogging as a medical student with the focus on medical healthcare and public health topics but have since evolved into podcasting and live streaming health related content. If you have ever felt rushed at your doctor's office and left just as confused about your diagnosis as you were when you came in then you came to the right place. My main goal is to leverage my professional knowledge and expertise to improve the wellness and quality of life people for who want to live a healthier and longer life. 

As a board certified Internal Medicine Physician and academic hospitalist my mission is to empower the next work force of physicians to become better people as well as better doctors.  

By using interesting and sometimes fascinating personal stories, I offer essential information, advice and guidance that can reach out to people. When you become apart of my Lunch and Learn Community you will fully understand the motto “Empower Yourself For Better Health” as a NEW way of learning to be more health focused.