History of the Lunch and Learn Community

Growing up as a young boy it had always been my mission to to help empower those I take care of to take control of their health before it became too late. I remember as a medical student getting the call that my father was in the hospital due to complications from heart disease.

If someone could have trouble tackling their health with a family member in the field then how difficult would it be for most people who don't have that luxury. It's why I set out on the journey to empower as many people as possible aka my Lunch and Learn Community. 

What I first started it was just with blogs, but then I transitioned to live videos & then finally podcasts. Because of all of the content I provided my Lunch and Learn Community was for free they wanted a way to pay me back so thus the Lunch and Learn Community Merchandise Store was born. 

Fifty percent of the proceeds from the store will be donated to the Five Star Scholarship Foundation, a 501c3 non profit organization that I cofounded for high school students. 

For more information on the organization check out www.fivestarscholarship.org